Infrabaker® represents the total range of electrical infrared solutions for the food processing industry developed by Infrabaker International.


Infrabakers can be used in all stages of food processing - cooking, baking, coloring, melting, disinfecting and/or maturing - using electrical infrared technology.


The process eliminates the need for other mediums such as cooking oil, hot air, steam or thermal oil, resulting in pure and healthy and natural tasting products.


The Infrabaker is designed to process a wide range of food products including meat, fish, meat substitutes, breads, baked goods, poultry, shellfish, vegetables, snacks, and convenience foods...

We are in experts in what we do


20+ years of experience

We at Infrabaker International have been working with electric infrared technology for over 20 years.  It being our prime focus makes us the experts in the field and we are happy to share this expertise with our clients.

professional support team

Our team is available to support you, both off-site (through remote connection technology), and on-site.

Dedicated partner

The Infrabaker team is committed to configuring the right set-up for the production needs of our clients.  We have extensive testing opportunities available and we work closely with our clients to optimize their production process.

Future oriented

At Infrabaker our focus is to develop the smartest, most efficient and convenient way to utilize infrared technology. From the beginning, we have chosen electricity as our power source, so our customers are well placed to be the forerunners in the use of renewable energy.

quality driven

Infrabaker aims to deliver equipment of the highest standard. Thusly, the production process is closely monitored and an extensive trial routine is performed before any Infrabaker leaves the factory, ensuring quality equipment with minimal installation time.

global presence

Infrabaker has a worldwide network of representatives and distributors. We've teamed up with several leading technology partners, ranging from equipment manufacturers to ingredient suppliers, to ensure we are well-informed and up-to-date on the most current requirements for a variety of applications.


Product developers

Infrared technology for product developers, NPD technologists, R&D staff, development chefs, application technologists, innovation managers, process development technologists...

Process Engineers

Infrared equipment for process engineers, project managers F&B, capital project managers, plant managers, corporate engineers, line engineers, procurement managers...

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Infrabaker International is an innovative company specializing in the development and production of infrared applications for the food processing industry.

Infrabaker International is affiliated with Wegra NV, a company with years of experience in the fabrication of many different types of machinery and machine parts, to serve the food industry.

Our wealth of experience and vast knowledge ensure that we are your ideal partner.  We understand your needs and know the food processing industry!

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